Jake Kotula


3610 Oakwood Drive, Longmont Colorado 80503




I am currently a student at Silver Creek High School. I have participated in a multitude of volunteer experiences, as I love to give back to my community. I enjoy the experience of a variety of jobs, as I seek to become a well-rounded person and worker.




Boulder County Youth Corps; Longmont, Colorado — Summer of 2012

We pulled weeds, fixed trails, restored historical sites, and cleaned up a variety of locations.


Basil Flats; Longmont, Colorado — 2014-present

Worked in the “Back of House”, cleaning dishes, mopping and sweeping the floor, and sanitizing surfaces. Also worked to prepare basic food materials for the pizza and sandwich makers.


Volunteering at Faith Community Lutheran Church — 2010-present

I run a video production booth during services every month. I also helped run lights for a play


Volunteering with the Up-a-Creek Robotics team —2013-present

I have helped create working competition robots. As part of several fundraisers for the team, I was a vendor at one of our demonstrations, and I helped deliver EFAA food baskets to those in need during the holiday season.


Volunteering to help a friend — 2010–2011

I helped a paraplegic friend in a home-improvement project in his yard, basement, garage, and house.




Silver Creek High School — Class of 2015

Taken mostly AP-level courses

Achieved a 3.9 Unweighted GPA

Recently took a lower level of workload to accommodate a work schedule




Motivated. Innovative. Punctual. Eager. Technology. Hard working. Writing. Videos, movies, and acting. Coordination. Cooperative. Works well with a team. Creative.



References provided upon request.


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